Amazing Healing Properties of Yellow Aventurine


Aventurine belongs to the quartz family and its name signifies its ability to reflect. It is abundantly found in Brazil, China, Italy, India, Nepal, Russia and Tibet.

Although the most common variety of this crystal is the Green Aventurine, this stone exists in other colors too, such as red, blue, white, brown, gray, peach, pink, orange and yellow. This color variation is due to the inclusion of various minerals in these stones, which affect both their appearance and specific attributes.



Color attributes of Aventurine


The differently colored Aventurine crystals display varied attributes. Let’s see some of the major ones:

Red Aventurine: It harmonizes with three lower chakras, bringing vitality to the muscular system. It also helps in purifying and strengthening the blood.

Blue Aventurine: Highly prized for development of communication skills, it makes one more eloquent. Resonating within both throat and third eye chakras, it also enhances psychic abilities.

Green Aventurine: This heart chakra stone helps in the area of love relationships. It also aids in reducing anxiety and relieving stress. Also known as a stone of luck, this crystal increases wealth and prosperity.

White Aventurine: A less common variety, this crystal is capable of resonating within all the chakras. It enhances psychic visions and boosts clairvoyant abilities.

Peach Aventurine: This crystal aligns with the sacral chakra and helps enhance creativity. It also boosts leadership abilities and decision-making capabilities.

Yellow Aventurine



Infused with lighter yellow mica and pyrite, which gives it its distinctive color, this stone vibrates strongly within the solar plexus chakra, thereby balancing it.

The stone’s balancing properties are extremely beneficial for those who are oversensitive and indecisive.

The stone sorts out problems with power and control, thereby boosting personal power. It helps in finding one’s true self and acts as an effective aid in raising self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.

Not only does the golden light of this crystal fills one with compassion and understanding, it also helps center the emotions and alleviate grief.


This stone augments abundance and prosperity and increases wealth and prosperity. It is also a good stone for those in the creative fields, since it enhances creative abilities.

Healing properties of Yellow Aventurine



Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine in particular, has strong health benefits. Let’s see what they are:

  • Strengthens the heart and stabilizes blood pressure.
  • Displays anti-inflammatory properties and treats skin eruptions and several kinds of allergies.
  • Significantly reduces migraine headaches and sinus issues.
  • Assists in removing toxins in the body and restores flow of energy through the body.
  • Protect the individual from electromagnetic fields emanating from office and personal electronic items and equipment.
  • Eases anxiety and expands the flow of creativity.
  • Absorbs and protects against environmental pollution.


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