Healing Power of Red Jasper - The Nurturer's Stone


Jasper, a form of quartz, has been considered sacred since the ancient times, because of its alluring bold colors that range from red, yellow, green, blue and black. A variety known as bloodstone, speckled with distinctive green and red coloration, is considered special.


Although Jasper is found all over the world, it is mainly sourced from Egypt, India, Russia and the United States.





Ancient usage of Red Jasper


Since antiquity Jasper was regarded highly for its metaphysical properties.

Not only was it known, and is still known, for its purifying and energy-enhancing properties, but, Red Jasper in particular, is renowned for its powerful, fiery energy.

Red Jasper was used for thousands of years as an energy stimulant and a protector from misfortune. It was also said to infuse vigor in pursuance of one’s cause, faith or religion.

It was a popular religious stone in ancient Greece, Rome and Europe during the Middle Ages.



Healing power of Red Jasper

Red Jasper displays immense powers and is considered as one of the best protective stones. Let’s see its benefits:



  • The color red in Red Jasper is associated with luck and vitality.
  • Being a protective stone, it wards off dangers and mitigates threatening situations.
  • It safeguards from the risk of drowning and dangers associated with drunkenness.
  • It protects against deception and demonic possession.
  • It eases pain during menstruation and aids in childbirth.
  • Red Jasper, being a stone of empowerment, is known to infuse self-confidence.
  • It brings happiness in life by improving relationships and career.



Red Jasper and the Root Chakra

56851344 – open root chakra


Red Jasper aligns with the Root Chakra or Muldhara at the base of the spine.

This helps in connecting the individual with the physical reality.

An overactive Root Chakra may make an individual overactive, leading to aggression and spiritual stagnation.

Red Jasper has a healing and calming effect on this chakra and helps the individual in attaining a more balanced view towards the physical world.

It also develops a person’s spiritual side.



Using Red Jasper for best results

Red Jasper is popular all over the world for its excellent stone jewelry.

Not only is it readily available, it also offers a wide variety to suit every need and mood.

This stone can be worn in any way – as a brooch, a necklace, earrings or piercing – and its power remains the same, bolstering your confidence and providing spiritual strength.

However, for best results, Red Jasper should always be worn where it is visible.


This not only projects the power of this stone to those around, but also improves interpersonal interactions.

Red Jasper can also be placed in a room or work desk to empower the surroundings and boost creativity.

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