Unique Healing Power of Green Aventurine for Heart Chakra


Of all the qualities attributed to Green Aventurine, one of the world’s luckiest stones that invites good luck and prosperity, it is its healing power for the Heart Chakra that really stands out.

From a total of seven chakras, the Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra from the bottom. It is located in the center of the chest and it is associated with green color, the reason why it resonates so well with Green Aventurine.

What is Green Aventurine?



It is the inclusions of mica and other minerals that gives this stone its characteristic shimmering green color. It has some unique healing attributes that not only help in treating physical and emotional ailments, but also in balancing the Heart Chakra.

Green Aventurine has a strong connection with the Earth and a soothing influence on the mind and body.

This stone is a great protector too, protecting against environmental pollution and absorbing electromagnetic smog.

On the physical level, Green Aventurine stimulates physical growth, especially in premature infants. It increases vitality and enhances intellectual development.

It also influences the Heart Chakra, thereby strengthening loving relationships and romance.

The significance of Heart Chakra

The main attributes associated with the Heart Chakra are the ability to love oneself and others, mending relationships, compassion and empathy, forgiveness and acceptance, and transformation and change.

An open Heart Chakra makes you deeply connected with the energy around you, whereas a blocked Heart Chakra may give rise to excessive envy, increased dependence on others, etc.

Symptoms of unbalanced Heart Chakra

In addition to the blockage of energy, an imbalanced Heart Chakra may make you too controlling in a relationship or being controlled by partner. Psychological symptoms include feeling excessive fear of intimacy, being overly defensive, appeasing all, relying on the approval of others, becoming a recluse, holding grudges and not being able to forgive, etc.

At the physical level too, you may suffer from respiratory ailments, such as bronchitis and lung infection. You can also face circulatory and heart-related issues.

Healing of Heart Chakra by Green Aventurine



You can balance your Heart Chakra by using Green Aventurine. This stone is especially useful when the heart center is closed and is blocking its energies.

What Green Aventurine does is to clear these blockages and helps the energy to flow smoothly as before. In addition, it also curbs old habits, thereby paving way for a new growth.

It ups a zest for life and allows you to move ahead with confidence and embrace change.

Not only this, it enhances your creativity and makes you overcome life’s obstacles. In addition, it reinforces decisiveness and strengthens leadership qualities. Furthermore, it also provides a shield to prevent your energy from being drained away by others.


By healing the Heart Chakra, you are likely to experience a boost in energy and an increased sense of connectedness to life. You will also gain positivity, love and compassion.

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