Orgonite and Benefits on Plant Growth


Orgonite essentially originates from the concept of orgone. The idea of orgone was the brainchild of Wilhelm Reich who came up with it in the late 1930s. Orgone is a pseudoscientific concept that is it’s erroneously regarded or assumed to be scientific. Reich claimed orgone to be an esoteric energy or hypothetical universal life force. It was thought to be a massless, omnipresent substance but more closely associated with living energy than with inert matter. Reich considered that deficits or constrictions of bodily orgone were the main reason behind a lot of diseases. Thus, he devised a machine which he claimed to be able to collect and store orgone energy from the environment and this reserved energy could later be used for an ailment of diseases. These devices are known as Orgonite. He later constructed a machine to trap the orgone energy present in the atmosphere and named it as Orgon Energy Accumulators. These are typically six-sided boxes constructed of alternate layers of organic materials to attract the energy and metallic materials to radiate the energy to the central point of the boxes. In other words, they are a combination of crystal and metal in resin. These accumulators were supposed to cure people from life-threatening diseases including cancer.


Reich claimed that if the orgone energy was manipulated properly, it would be able to help the humankind in numerous other ways apart from curing diseases. This led him to construct the cloudbusters, which were thought to be capable of controlling the climate. Later Reich came up with another method in which the orgone energy could be used, that is, by helping in plant growth.


Even though there aren’t any scientific proof on the effect of orgonite in plant growth, but many people reported that they have experienced a considerable amount of difference when an orgonite was placed near the plants. They claimed that the plants with the orgonite placed near them grew and developed faster than those without the orgonite. These effects are observed by the people who used orgonites and are not supported by empirical evidences.

For example, once some people conducted a test on wheat sprouts. The one with the orgonite placed near it, sprouted at a much faster rate than its counterpart. Similar effects were observed by a person who used orgonite in his kitchen garden. He claimed that the vegetables were bigger, and more mature when grown in a soil mixed with orgonite. While another family who grew orgonite cucumbers had such a great yield that they were unable to decide what they were going to do with the excess cucumbers.

Also, some people claimed that orgonites helped vegetables to last for a longer time. For example, the bananas grown in the soil incorporated with orgonite, took a long time to darken than its counterparts.

There are many such benefits experienced by orgonite users. Even though, how orgonite helps in plant growth is not yet known to the people but the visible effects of it on the plants proves a lot.

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