Interesting Properties of Orgone

 Orgone, the primordial cosmic energy, is believed to have been discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, in the 1930s. According to him, orgone energy is universally present and appears as blueness of the atmosphere. It is said to manifest in all living organism in the form of bio-energy.

Reich’s orgone research



Reich coined the term ‘bion’, which according to him is a transitional form when matter transforms from its non-living state to its living state. He believed that these bions gave off a kind of radiation and set out to isolate it from other kinds of radiations.

For this, Reich built a box of wood and covered it with cotton. On the inside he lined it with a Faraday wire cage to trap or ward off any outside radiations. He placed several bion culture dishes inside and observed them through a small window. He found the inside of the box aglow with flashes of light and bluish vapors.

Reich declared that these were the visible signs of radiation that came from the bion cultures. What’s more, the visible effects of this radiation remained even after removing the culture dishes and washing the cage. He believed that he had finally isolated orgone energy.

According to Reich, certain non-metallic materials, such as wool, cotton, plastics, fiberglass, etc., attracted and held orgone energy, whereas metal attracted and repelled this energy in an alternate fashion. Working on this, he created an orgone accumulator that was a box, much like Faraday cage, that was lined on the inside with metal alternating with non-metallic, di-electric, energy-attracting materials.

The material of the box created an oscillation motion due to the materials inside the box. This resulted in the generation of orgone energy. He claimed that this energy accumulates inside the box in a concentrated form.

He supported his claim by the results he got from his experiment:

  • The temperature inside an orgone accumulator was higher than outside. This was not so inside a control device.
  • An electroscope charged with ‘static’ electricity and kept inside the accumulator was found to discharge more slowly, then the one placed outside.

These results, according to Reich, did not conform to standard physics and this proved the existence of orgone energy. He even went ahead to enumerate some interesting properties of orgone.

Properties of orgone


According to Reich, orgone energy…

…is without mass and is primordial cosmic energy.

…is omnipresent and is everywhere.

…penetrates matter at different speeds.

…is observable and measurable.

…displays affinity to water.

…is assimilated naturally by living organisms, through food, breathing and skin.

…is influenced by secondary energies, such as electromagnetism and nuclear energy.

…has color that ranges from blue to violet.


Tapping orgone energy through orgonite

Reich’s student Charles Kelley invented a device to trap this orgone energy for use. He called it orgonite. Orgonite is available in various forms.

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