Orgonite: The Cure for Negative Energy!

When Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist in the early 20th Century, discovered orgone energy, little did he realize that he had stumbled upon something that had been known for ages to most leading cultures. This energy was what the Hindus called prana and the Chinese, chi. Reich found this universal energy, especially effective against negative energy.

However, it was up to his student, Charles Kelley, to devise a device to capture this energy for use. He succeeded in doing so by creating orgonite, a compound that had the ability to make orgone energy available for curative use.

Creating orgonite


Kelley created orgonite by mixing resin with metal shavings in the ratio of 50:50. He then added a quartz crystal to this orgonite mix.

Once mixed, the resin, which is organic due to its petrochemical base, started attracting the orgone energy, whereas, the metal shavings, acting as inorganic material, alternately attracted and repelled this energy, under the piezoelectric charge of the quartz crystal.

He found that this ‘scrubbing’ action, brought about by the continuous attraction and repulsion, generated orgone energy that had a balancing and harmonizing effect.

He further found that orgonite when worn or kept in the vicinity cleared the body and the surroundings of the stagnant and negative energy, replacing it with positive energy.

This nursed an ailing person back to a healthy and vibrant state. This energy is one of the main contributors to ill health and chronic diseases, as it disbalances harmonious and balancing effects of positive orgone.

Positive orgone versus deadly orgone


The orgone energy generated by orgonite can exist both in a healthy form or in a stagnant and dangerous form. The former is termed positive orgone and the latter, deadly orgone.

Positive orgone abounds in natural environments that have remained untouched by pollution. The atmosphere here is charged with a balanced and harmonious energy. For example, you feel a positive difference in natural locations, such as waterfalls, mountaintops and dense forests.

On the other hand, deadly orgone, also called ‘stagnant qi’ in Feng Shui, results from modern technologies that emit electromagnetic force and cause air pollution. The installation of mobile phone masts, increased use of mobile phones and other electronic and electrical devices, such as computers, microwaves, etc. all contribute towards deadly orgone.

The result is profound negativity that affects people and surroundings, alike.

Curing negative energy by orgonite


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