How to Get Rid of the World of Negative Energy with Orgonite Devices

 Even Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst who is credited with the discovery of orgone energy, did not realize the full potential of this amazing energy. However, it was understood by Reich’s student, Charles Kelley, who used it to develop an Orgonite device capable of harnessing the orgone energy and make it available for use.

Reich’s orgone energy

Reich viewed orgone energy as an omnipresent entity that has no mass. According to him, it is associated with living energy and has the ability to create structures ranging from microscopic units, that he called ‘bions’, to macroscopic forms, such as living organisms, inert matter ranging from a minute particle to the whole galaxies. This universally present energy can be manipulated.

According to Reich, the blockages in the body cause many diseases, including cancer. And diseases are closely associated with negative energy. To show the effectiveness of orgone energy on the body, he came up with an orgone accumulator that he claimed was capable of collecting and storing orgone energy.


This large-sized plywood box was lined with metal sheets to ward off electromagnetic force. The patient was made to sit in the box stark naked to gain the full effects of orgone energy. However, his theory could not be proved and he got involved in legal hassles and even jailed.

Orgonite devices

Though Reich failed to prove the existence of orgone energy, his research was taken forward by Kelley, who came up with an Orgonite device. This device differed from orgonite accumulator in that it continuously transformed negative energy into positive energy.


How the Orgonite device is able to achieve this is due to its composition of organic and inorganic matter mixed in equal proportions. It uses resin, an organic based on petrochemicals, and metal shavings, which are inorganic, in combination with a quartz crystal that gives off piezoelectric current under pressure due to the shrinking of resin.

Once these materials come together, the organic material attracts and holds orgone energy, while the inorganic material both attracts and repels the energy alternately. This causes a ‘scrubbing’ action that, together with the current given off by the quartz crystal, emits orgone energy. This helps cleanse the stagnant negative energy and replaces it with positive energy.

Can Orgonite devices get rid of negative energy of the world?


A little drop forms an ocean. Similarly, if enough people start using Orgonite devices, it will not only get rid of negative energy from the body, but also from the surroundings. Usage on a mega scale will clear negativity from large swathes of land and water of the world.

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