Properties of Orgone Energy


Had it not been for Wihelm Reich, an Austrian doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst, Orgone Energy would never had been discovered.

It was his shifting to New York in 1939 to escape the Nazis that emboldened him to name his discovery of the biological energy as Orgone Energy.

The word ‘orgone’ is the amalgamation of the words ‘orgasm’ and ‘organism’.

Reich had so much belief in its existence that he even described it vividly as blue-gray energy that is omnipresent. He attributed the color of the sky, St. Elmo’s fire, the Arora Borealis or the Northern Lights to this energy.

He even claimed that plants’ chlorophyll, blood’s red corpuscles, protozoa and cancer cells are charged with it.

Reich’s Orgone Energy



The properties of Orgone according to Reich:

  • No mass, inertia or weight. It can be manipulated and controlled.
  • Remains in constant motion and moves from west to east over the speed of Earth’s rotation.
  • Passes through all materials at different speeds.
  • Found everywhere, but may be concentrated in pockets, flowing from greater to lower concentrations.
  • Emanates from the sun in large quantities.
  • Affected by weather conditions and temperature.
  • Influenced by human attitudes and emotions.



Orgone accumulator


To display the beneficial effects of Orgone Energy on the human body, Reich created ‘orgone accumulators’ that were capable of concentrating Orgone Energy.

It consisted of a plywood box insulated with Faraday cages that blocks electromagnetic fields.

The box was big enough to accommodate a human being on a chair. It also had a small window.

The individual was expected to sit in this accumulator stark naked. He claimed that this energy destroyed cancerous growth in mice.

However, his claims could not be replicated in humans and he was charged with fraud.



Based on the discovery of Orgonite Energy, Charles Kelley, one of Reich’s students, created an artificial crystal called orgonite to harness this energy.

Orgonite is a mixture of polyester resin and metal shavings and quartz crystals.

While the resin, which is organic, and metal shavings, that are inorganic, cause a ‘scrubbing’ action by their continuous attraction and repulsion of energies alternately, the quartz crystals give out a charge, when they come under pressure.

This collective action produces Orgone Energy, which has beneficial effects on the human body.

Many such orgonite devices are available in the market today.

Benefits of Orgone Energy


  • Relieves stress and bestows restful sleep.
  • Creates harmony at home and at workplace.
  • Protects from negative energies.
  • Dissolves emotional and energy blocks.
  • Aids meditation.
  • Energizes food and water.


Benefitting from Orgone Energy


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