Metaphysical Healing Properties of Jade Stone

Jade, one of the birthstones of the zodiac sign, Virgo, is a fine-grained stone. It was formed millions of years ago, when Jadeite and Nephrite minerals combined to form it under intense temperatures of the volcanic lava.

Although Jade is thought to be a green stone, displaying all shades of green, it also exists in various other colors, such as red, orange, pink, purple, brown, yellow, blue and black. Imperial Jade, found in Myanmar, is considered to be the best Energy Healing Crystals, what with its deep and rich green shade.

Jade since antiquity

According to Chinese tradition, Jade, particularly green Jade, represents compassion, courage, justice, modesty and wisdom. The wearer was said to be imbued with these qualities. Ancient Egyptians used this stone as a powerful talisman, whereas the Aztecs of Mexico used it in curing illness and disease.

Jade: Metaphysical properties

. Harmonizes all aspects of life.

. Known to ward off evil, especially on a journey.

. Promotes wisdom and bestows long and happy life.

. Eases the mind and promotes harmony and peace.

. Attracts love and strengthens relationships.

. Helps in generating dreams and recalling them with ease.

. Protects against foes, especially while travelling.

. Gives peace of mind, wards off anxiety and depression, and de-stresses the mind.

. Said to extend the lifespan, as the stone is blessed with immortality.

. Cleanses negativity and helps cope with anger, grief, loneliness and trauma.

. Boosts confidence level and helps in becoming self-sufficient.

. Harmonizes the heart chakra.

. Bestows a more loving nature.

. Heals emotional hurt and feelings of guilt.

. Assists in creativity and new infusing new ideas.

Jade: Healing properties

. Boosts and strengthens the functioning of the kidneys, heart, adrenal glands and spleen.

. Protects kidneys, larynx, liver, thymus, thyroid and thymus.

. Restores functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

. Cleanses and enhances the efficiency of all organs involved infiltration and elimination in the body.

. Removes toxins and balances bodily fluids.


. Beneficial for joints and bones, particularly the hip bones.

. Helps in the treatment of viral and bacterial infections.

. Found effective in treating reproductive disorders, and in pregnancy and childbirth.

Using Jade

The best way to use Jade is to keep it on person in the form of jewelry or even as a stone kept in the pocket. Simply by stroking this stone, you feel energized and recharged. Carrying it on journeys will protect you from untoward incidents and injuries.

This anxiety healing crystals is also a good stone to take while hiking or spending time outdoors. If you take it along while driving, it will keep you calm in adverse situations and will give you strength when you need to stand up for yourself.

Jade: Where to get?

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