Reap The Benefits Of Orgonite Energy Healing

The word ‘Orgonite’ is derived from the word ‘Orgone’, a term given by Wilhelm Reich to this vital energy that exists in nature. It is also known as chi or prana.


The positive and negative Orgone energies


Orgone exists in nature in different forms – neutral, positive and negative. It is the positive and negative Orgone energy that is of importance. While positive Orgone energy keeps the body in a healthy state by neutralizing negativity, the negative Orgone energy, also known as dead Orgone energy, restricts the free flow of energy and lies stagnant within the body.


This stagnation and blockage of Orgone energy can happen due to an individual’s emotional problems. This is manifested as constriction of body’s energy system, leading to ill health and disease. Since the body cannot shield itself from the incoming energies, it is important to convert negative Orgone energy into a positive one, as also to enhance the body’s energy system or aura.

The creation of Orgonite

While Reich is credited with the discovery of Orgone energy and developing his initial Orgone accumulators, it was Karl Hans Welz, who took Reich’s work further to create a substance he called ‘Orgonite’. He went on to develop Orgone generators that dispensed Orgone energy.


Orgonite is nothing but a mixture of catalyzed fiberglass resin, metal shavings with added crystals or minerals. The metal in Orgonite gathers the life energy present in nature and gives it a positive, life-enhancing quality. The resin in the Orgonite shrinks and squeezes the quartz crystals.


This results in the creation of piezoelectric effect that polarizes the end points of the crystals. This makes the Orgonite more effective. The point to note is that the presence of crystals is not essential for the working of the Orgonite.


The unique characteristic of Orgonite is its quality of continuously absorbing negative life energy and transforming it into positive Orgone energy.

The positive effects of Orgonite


 Orgonite, in whatever form, displays some amazing positive effects, such as:

. Combating electromagnetic radiation emitted by electrical and electronic devices, as also by cell towers.

. Countering air pollution and clears the surroundings by its purifying energies.

. Helping in spiritual healing.

. Enhancing plant growth.


. Purifying contaminated water.

. Improving physical condition and helps maintain a healthy body.

. Minimizing fuel consumption of a vehicle.

. Calming stressed mind, due to stressful work environment by assuaging negative emotions.

Reaping the benefits of Orgonite


Bringing an Orgonite home is all very well, but you must know how to use it. The simple way to take full advantage of Orgonite energy healing is to keep it closest to the place where you want its energy to work. The closer it is to your intended area, more powerful will be its effect.


You must also ensure that you re-energize the Orgonite from time to time. This can be easily done by exposing it to sunlight.

Buying Orgonite


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