Energize Yourself And Your Environment With Orgonite Healing Crystals


When Wilhelm Reich created Orgonite crystal in the late 1930s, little did he realize that he will be unleashing a universal life force through it, much like chi or prana. Today, Orgonite is one of the most preferred healing crystals and the reasons are not far to seek.

The healing touch of Orgonite

Orgonite not only balances and strengthens the energy field of the body, but also provides protection against electromagnetic radiations. It

is also effective in inducing sleep, generating vivid dreams, boosting energy, balancing moods, raising resistance to illness, and in deep meditation and spiritual growth.

Using Orgonite for effect


The efficacy of any crystal is the closeness it has to the area where you want positive effect and Orgonite healing crystals are no exception. So, keep this crystal in the vicinity of what needs to be healed.


You can use the Orgonite healing crystal for:

? Neutralizing the electromagnetic waves of, say a WiFi router or any other device, by placing the Orgonite next to it or over it.

? Purifying water by placing it next to the water container.

? Energizing plants by keeping it at their base.

? Healing the body by keeping it either in your pocket or bag while traveling, or by your pillow or under your bed while sleeping. However,

the best way is to wear it as a piece of jewelry.

? Minimizing fuel consumption by placing it near your car’s fuel tank. However, care should be taken not to let it be in contact with the metal body, since this may drain the crystal’s energy. Keep it well insulated from the metal.


The simple rule to follow is to keep the Orgonite closest to where you want its effect to manifest. The closer the crystal is to the intended area, the more powerful will be its effect on it. From time to time, expose the Orgonite to direct sunrays by keeping it on the window sill. This helps it to re-energize.

Types of Orgonite

Orgonites are classified according to their sizes:


Small Orgonites: Small Orgonites are easy to place and even hide. They retain their energy for a very long time and effectively counter the electromagnetic pollution from electric and electronic devices. Their size makes it convenient to be kept at any location, both indoors and outdoors.


Big Orgonites: Bigger the size of the orgonite, stronger is its effect. When placed in the garden, it not only energizes all the plants, but also changes the environment for the better by countering the electromagnetic fields generated by antennas and dishes. It also counters air pollution caused by smog, burning and suspended particulate matter.

Procuring Orgonite


The good news is Orgonite is not as expensive as other semi-precious and precious healing stones, but possesses the same powerful energy. This is why this healing crystal is one of the most preferred, especially if it is set in jewelry.



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