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types of healing crystals

Talk about healing crystals and people start visualizing polished stones, in the form of gemstone wands, tumbled stones or crystal points. Little do they know that crystals, both precious and semi-precious, set in a piece of jewelry, are as effective in healing.


What are the advantages of healing crystals jewelry?


Healing crystals, whether existing as such or set in metal, are both effective. However, wearing healing crystals in jewelry has the following advantages:

. Healing crystals need to touch the skin to be effective. Wearing a piece of jewelry,

not only ensures this, but also looks attractive at the same time.

. You can keep wearing healing crystal jewelry all the time, whether waking or sleeping,

and take it everywhere you go. Carrying single crystals has got its constraints.

. If the healing crystals are set in gold or silver in a piece of jewelry, the energy will get amplified, since both gold and silver are excellent conductors of energy.

What kind of jewelry is best for healing crystals?

Jewelry containing healing crystals can be of any type or design. Even the crystal can be of any size. You may go in for a crystal strung on a chain or wrapped in wire. You can also string the crystals and wear them as a necklace or bracelet. You may even opt for faceted gemstone jewelry.

Even though the jewelry, when worn, may not align the healing crystal to the desired part of the body, it will still be effective, since its energy permeates to areas needing healing. This is due to the etheric body that surrounds the physical body.

So, you can wear any form of healing crystal jewelry. The popular ones being pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. There may be other types too.

Can more than one healing crystal worn in a single piece of jewelry?

A piece of jewelry may contain a single healing crystal or multiple crystals. However, if you wear more than one crystal for healing, they should be in separate pieces of jewelry, so that the crystals don’t touch each other.

Let’s see how the number of healing crystals affect the wearer:

. Jewelry with a single healing crystal is most effective, since its energy is not interfered with by other crystals.

. Jewelry with two healing crystals will be effective only if one of the stones is transparent and colorless, such as diamond or quartz. In this case, the clear stone amplifies the healing power of the other stone.

. Jewelry with multiple healing crystals is best avoided because their individual energies may cancel out each other. However, if the jewelry has the same kind of crystals or the crystals harmonize with each other, they will be effective in healing.

Where to buy healing crystal jewelry?

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