Right Healing Crystal Jewelry, It's Placement & Work

What Are Healing Crystals?

Crystal healing, a practice that brings with it a golden history through its roots that go down to centuries, has now spread its wings around the world. From being placed passively on the shelves or serving as a bedside companion, to crawling in the fashion industry as crystal healing jewelry, crystals remain the beating heart of the healing system.

How Does Healing Crystal Jewelry Work?

Each crystal healing jewelry has its own mystical healing properties that can bestow powerful outcomes in our lives. They operate amidst the core energy (chakras) of our physical body to eliminate energy blockages and balance the body, mind, and soul. Our energy is the driving force of our physical and spiritual self, and since healing crystal jewelry enhances the force of our essence, it improves our overall wellness.

How To Choose The Right Healing Crystal Jewelry?

Determining which crystal jewelry is the right one for you, isn’t all that difficult. Every living being vibrates at a different frequency depending on their thoughts, feelings, and general wellbeing. These mystical objects raise our vibration and restore our energy, which in turn molds our health and well-being in rather miraculous ways. As surprising as it may sound, the wearer is the ultimate expert when it comes to choosing the most suitable crystal. Tune into your healing or psychic necessity, then study the mythical properties of the stones you are drawn to check if they can fulfill them. Trust your instincts, and go with the healing crystal jewelry that calls you!

Placement Of Healing Crystal Jewellery

Strategically placing your jewelry on your body can intensify the efficiency of the crystals. Here are a few examples of placing your healing crystal jewelry –

  • For Balancing Overall Energy Centres – Multi-colored chakra necklaces, and rings, bracelets are considered to be useful.
  • For Love – Wearing a rose quartz crystal chain close to your heart can help welcome love in your life or heal a broken heart.
  • For Intuition – A Purple stone, i.e amethyst earrings, the color of the third eye chakra, can help you to get in touch with your intuition by working on your physic center.
  • For Peace – Wearing amethyst on your middle finger can help induce your life with zen.
  • For Security – Wearing black tourmaline near your root chakra, such as on your wrist when your arm is down can boost endurance and security.

How To Charge Healing Crystal Jewelry?

While there are a handful of ways to charge and remove blocked energy from crystals, here are some effective yet convenient ways that make sure you don’t damage your jewelry –

  • Natural Water – Water neutralizes negative or blocked energy in the crystals and grounds it back to mother earth. Purifying it with water while holding on to your purpose or your intention is the easiest way to charge a crystal.
  • Moonlight – While you can charge your healing crystal jewelry by placing it under the moon on just any night, healing practitioners believe that the most efficient way to charge crystals is during a full moon. Placing the stone under a full moon, when the moon is at its zenith, is the best way to energize crystals.

You can charge them daily or weekly, to make sure it discards any built-up energy.

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