The Sea Stone: Aquamarine Crystal Meaning and Uses

The lovely pale blue hue of Aquamarine immediately conveys its connection with the sea. No wonder this stone is called the sea stone and, according to an ancient lore, it was also known as ‘the treasure of the mermaids’. Besides water, this stone is also connected to the moon and is the birthstone of Pisces, whose element is water.


Aquamarine is basically found in many parts of the world. It is sourced from countries like Brazil, Kenya, Madagascar, Russia and the Midwestern United States. However, Brazil has the distinction of yielding the largest Aquamarine that weighed over 100 kilograms (220 pounds)!


Impact of Aquamarine

This stone impacts a person both emotionally and spiritually. Its power is enhanced, if you source it from a place that is personally meaningful to you, since this stone is emotionally resonant.

Aquamarine has always been regarded as a stone of enlightenment that brings about spiritual awareness as also enhances your ability to get attuned to your own emotions.

Benefits of Aquamarine

1. Helps in healing

. Heals sore throat and swollen glands.

. Alleviates problems associated with thyroid gland.

. Boosts immune system and prevents allergic reactions.

. Regulates hormones and boosts growth.

. Cures ailments concerning throat, liver and stomach.

. Helps pregnant women protect unborn babies and prevent miscarriages.

2. Enhances mental prowess

. Improves intellectual abilities that allows you to think out solutions to problems.

. Boosts the power of reasoning and logic that helps in viewing all aspects of an issue confronting you.

. Those tending towards laziness and procrastination will find this stone removing this affliction.

. Makes you mentally strong to follow the path of perseverance and discipline.

3. Improves loving relationships

. Makes you more sensitive towards the needs of your partner.

. Infuses understanding and sympathy between the couple.

. Helps tap into the feelings of partner.

4. Calms the mind

. Keeps the mind cool, preventing outbursts of anger.

. Imbues a high level of patience, making you more considerate to the feelings of others.

. Increases power of tolerance and understanding.

5. Acts as a cleansing stone

. Cleanses bad energies of the past, replacing them with positive energies.

. Helps in letting go of old emotional issues that are disturbing.

. Bestows the power to forgive those who have hurt you and helps you move on in life.

Using Aquamarine

To enjoy the full powers of this stone wear it in such a way that it either touches the skin or is close to the skin. Ideal for this is jewelry, such as necklaces, rings and bracelets. This vicinity of the stone to the skin will not only bestow you with its energies, but will also provide its protection and support.

Those using Aquamarine as a chakra stone for throat chakra are required to wear it around the throat. This can be in the form of a choker or small pendant that rests on the throat or collarbone.

Procuring Aquamarine

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