Healing properties of Jade

Jade comes in lovely shades of green and is composed of two distinctly different minerals. The ratio of these minerals in jade dictates its density and hardness, and even the differing shades of greens. This itself makes this stone a prize possession. However, its healing properties are what makes this crystal a must-have.

The artefacts recovered in archaeological sites suggest that Jade had been in use in jewelry, statutes and other items, since 4000 BC. Surprisingly, in the ancient British Isles, this stone was also used for making weapons!

Jade is found in Central America, Mexico, New Zealand and South America. However, its most extensive use was in China, whose Jade carvings are renowned throughout the world. Jade comes in other colors too, such as black, red, blue, brown, lavender, orange, purple, white and yellow, but it is the green Jade that is most common.

Healing properties

1. Physical healing

Jade stone is known to eliminate bodily ailments and anomalies. It benefits the body in the following ways:

. Eliminates stones from kidneys and spleen, thereby benefiting the renal system.

. Helps in healing kidney and bladder infections, such as cystitis.

. Removes toxins and excess fluids from liver and kidneys.

. Maintains body’s pH level by regulating the ratio of water to salt.

. Improves maladies related to joints, especially the hip joints.

. Reduces the incidence and severity of cramps and ‘Charley horse’.

. Rebuilds and heals the skeletal system and tissues.

. Alleviates the pain associated with the body’s healing process.

. Better manages the pain occurring as an aftermath of reconstructive or plastic surgery.

. Treats anorexia in teens and new mothers.

. Helpful in curing reproductive problems and in the childbirth process.

2. Emotional healing

In the present-day stressful existence, Jade has been found immensely beneficial in emotional healing.

Let’s see how:

. Eliminates negativity, relieves irritability and soothes nerves.

. Helps in synchronizing and integrating body and mind.

. Generates productive and useful dreams that are more insightful, clear and easily remembered.

. Most beneficial in improving dysfunctional relationships.

. Reduces self-loathing by instilling confidence.

. Encourages those mocked for their appearance to work towards improving their looks.

3. Spiritual healing

Jade is indispensable in spiritual healing and helps in many ways.

Let’s see how:

. Those on the spiritual path take the help of Jade, since it soothes and calms the mind, expels negative thoughts, bestows serenity and makes the surroundings conducive for prolonged meditation.

. In the spiritual realm, Jade points the way towards happiness and harmony.

. It promotes lofty ideals and protects from deceitful and harmful entities.

. It cements stronger connections with higher powers or the guardian angels.

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