Jade Meaning and Healing Properties

Jade originated when two different minerals – calcium magnesium silicate nephrite and sodium aluminum silicate jadeite – fused together due to the intense heat of the smoldering molten lava that resulted from volcanic action millions of years ago.

Today, Jade is found mainly in Myanmar but is also sourced from Australia, Canada, China, Japan, New Zealand, Siberia, and the US. Since antiquity, this beautiful olive-green energy healing crystals stones has been prized for its important characteristics. It has been in use for making healing crystal Jewelry, articles and even weapons.

Properties of Jade

Jade is an amazing energy healing crystals that displays some remarkable properties. Let’s see what they are:

Supporting stone: Using this stone helps in keeping your personal and professional life in check and provides support for fulfilling different roles.

Confidence booster: Those lacking self-esteem and easily dominated will find this stone boosting their self-confidence to face difficult people and situations. It also helps in making you realize your full potential in both personal and professional realms.

Soothes the mind: This stone helps de-stress and calms the mind to keep you levelheaded at all times. It also boosts patience and perseverance.

Brings luck: One of the great benefits of this stone is it brings luck and good fortune in terms of health, wealth and love. It also infuses happiness and satisfaction in all aspects of life.

Helps realize personal ambitions: Using this stone goad you to pursue your personal ambitions relentlessly. Not only does it lead to self-sufficiency, but it also gives you the energy and determination to overcome any hurdles encountered in achieving your objective.

Acts as an elixir of youth: It may not bring back your youth, but it certainly helps you regain childlike wonder and bring back your playful streak.

Jade the healing stone

Jade is an amazing energy healing crystals that not only promotes self-healing but also alleviates the non-physical reasons of the ailment. Let’s see its benefits:

Heals bodily systems: It heals and calms the nervous system. It rejuvenates the renal system, including the kidneys and the bladder, as also the liver and the gallbladder. It helps to drain the lymphatic system and boosts the blood circulation. It also promotes cell regeneration.

Eliminates kidney stones: The energy of this stone helps in eliminating kidney stones.


Reduces pain: It reduces pain associated with joints and bones, and that induced by cramps. It better manages pain occurring due to plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures.

Cures eating disorders: This stone is helpful in treating eating disorders in teenagers and new mothers.

Tackles problems faced by women: It alleviates reproductive problems in women and also assists in childbirth.

Acts as a beauty tool: Jade facial rollers are popular in smoothening out fine lines and wrinkles.

Procuring Jade

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