Improve Your Sex Life With Rose Quartz Kegel Balls (Ben Wa Balls)


Some women suffer loosening of vaginal muscles that affects their sex life adversely, leading to various psychological problems, such as low self-esteem. This may be due to weak pelvic floor and bladder muscles.

If you too suffer from this problem, it is time to rectify it without taking your partner into confidence. The best method of doing this is by using Kegel balls, also called Ben Wa balls. And what better way to start your journey of vaginal and bladder muscles resurrection than by using the ones made of Rose Quartz.

Kegel balls down the ages

The concept of Kegel balls is nothing new and these Ben Wa balls have been used by women since antiquity. Believed to have originated in Japan, their use soon spread to China, India, Vietnam and, ultimately, to Europe. The early versions consisted of two hollow brass balls, of which one carried a smaller metal ball.

Today, crystals have overtaken metal and Rose Quartz seem to have become the ideal choice for Kegel balls. This is because it has proved most effective in strengthening a woman’s vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.


How to use Rose Quartz Kegel balls?

Follow the undermentioned steps:

#1 Locate your PC muscle

PC or pubococcygeus muscle stretches from the pubic bone to the bottom of the spine. To locate it, try to urinate and stop urination in mid-flow. The muscle used for stopping the flow is the PC muscle. While doing the Kegel exercises focus only on this muscle, keeping others relaxed.

#2 Insert the Kegel balls

You can insert the Kegel balls into the vagina in any relaxed position – sitting or standing. Open your thighs and gently push the balls into the vagina. Use lubrication, if required. Insert them till they are fully in, but don’t push them too far back. Close your legs to keep the balls in the correct position for the exercise.

#3 Exercise while sitting

Sit with your legs closed and move the balls back and forth, using your PC muscle. If this appears difficult, try squeezing the balls, alternately holding them tight and relaxing them for a few seconds each. Do this exercise 10 times, three times a day.

#4 Exercise while standing

Open your legs to shoulder width. Insert and hold the balls inside the vagina. In this position, keep continuous pressure on the balls, lest they fall out. The weight of the balls may make your PC muscle work harder. Do this exercise three times a day and continue to increase the duration of holding the balls in place.

#5 Exercise while squatting

Squatting exercise gives the benefits of both sitting and standing exercises. In this, place your feet as wide apart as possible while standing, then bend your knee slightly to come into squatting position. As in the previous exercises, move the Kegel balls back and forth inside the vagina. The deeper the squat, the more challenging will the exercise become.

#6 Anytime exercise

You can also include this exercise in your daily routine. Hold the balls inside, while doing housework, taking a walk, in the shower, and other such activities. Of course, your PC muscle needs to be strong to not let the balls fall out and put you in a spot!

#7 Remove Kegel balls

Insert the finger into the vagina behind the balls and gently pull them downwards and out of the vagina. Wash both your privates and Kegel balls thoroughly with soap and warm water.

Rose Quartz: the best material for Kegel balls

You have metal balls, glass balls, silicone balls, plastic balls, but there is nothing to beat Rose Quartz balls offered by Just have a look at their excellent features:

  • 100 percent natural and genuine rose quartz, handcrafted with superior finish.
  • Safe to use. No chemical treatment or dyeing.
  • Available in two sizes – 1 inch, weighing 0.7 oz. and 1.2 inch, weighting 1.3 oz.
  • Most durable, don’t wear easily.
  • Easy to clean and store.


Rose Quartz Kegel balls make an ideal gift for your ladylove and are certain to help her in more ways than one. Why not order now from and surprise her with these Ban Wa balls packaged in a beautiful velvet jewelry pouch.

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