The Amazing Healing Properties Of Carnelian

From time immemorial, Carnelian had been a popular stone sported by high dignitaries, such as nobles, master architects, warriors, alchemists, and others, all for different reasons. This is because, everyone believed in its amazing powers. This belief has carried on to this day.


The reason is not far to seek, this semi-precious brownish-red gemstone not only captivates, but is also known to possess energy that is stimulating and empowering and endows one with courage, endurance, motivation and leadership. Little wonder this has become one of the most sought-after stones among all others.


Carnelian is found all around the world, but its main sources are India, Britain, Germany, Siberia, Iceland and Peru. Diverse sources have bestowed this stone different shapes, sizes and colors.


The color of this stone may range from pale pinkish-orange to a deep rusty brown. The glassy, translucent, brilliant orange or red-orange is the one that really catches the eye. However, Carnelian is not only about its looks or color, it has some amazing healing properties too.


Physical healing


The main strength of Carnelian is its power to balance the body’s energy levels, thereby keeping problems at bay. Let us see the healing benefits of this stone:

  • Since, Carnelian is replete with life force, it stimulates metabolism and helps the circulatory system in delivering blood to the body’s organs and tissues.
  • The stone aids the body’s intestinal tissues in efficiently absorbing nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
  • Carnelian has been known to alleviate the symptoms associated with physical maladies, such as congestion, hemorrhoids, boils, skin irritation, phlebitis, eating disorders and varicose veins.
  • The stone is also effective against arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia and lower back problems. It also speeds up healing of bone and ligament injuries.
  • Women suffering from menstrual problems or menopausal symptoms, finds relief by using this stone.
  • This stone is a godsend for the infertile couples, since is rejuvenates the reproductive organs of both sexes. In women, it overcomes frigidity and in men, impotence. This results in increased fertility and a satisfying sex life.
  • The stone comes to the aid of the elderly, who may suffer from depression and despondency in their advancing age.
  • Carnelian provides succor for the victims of substance abuse and alcoholism and helps bring them back to normalcy.


Emotional healing

Carnelian not only possesses high energy, it has stabilizing effects too. This makes it ideal for emotional healing:

  • People with propensity for anger, hate, resentment, possessiveness and the like, find solace by using this stone.
  • Carnelian rejuvenates lost vitality and boosts motivation.
  • The stone helps in meditation by helping the mind to focus, keeping extraneous thoughts at bay.
  • For the creative people, it churns the creative juices and inspire fresh and original ideas.

In a nutshell, Carnelian is found to be beneficial in many ways. You can use this stone either by wearing it as an ornament or keeping it on person. Over time, you will find this stone infusing joy and pleasure in your life, strengthening relationships and family bonds, and bestowing marital bliss.


There is no denying the fact that Carnelian works wonders and the difference it makes is palpable, especially if you suffer from some physical or emotional trauma.

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