Untold Benefits Of Orgone Pyramids

Pyramid power had been known to the ancient Egyptians. The Great Pyramids, where the embalmed bodies of the royals were laid to rest, were built for a reason. This was because the Egyptians believed that pyramid power preserves and rejuvenates the mummified body, that could be revived in the future.

So, what is this pyramid power? This power is said to improve health by killing germs and halting the growth of microorganisms; add to sexual prowess; dehydrate and mummify bodies without decay; preserve uncovered food two to three times longer; help sharpen blunt blades; and many other surprising effects.


Giving credence to this are Kirlian photographs that have found the pyramid’s aura to be significantly brighter after a 15-minute exposure. Large pyramids are now being used for meditation, reiki, acupuncture, massage and sleep.



The Orgone pyramid


If you have only heard about Orgone, but don’t exactly know what it is, Orgonite is a manmade crystal that was created by combing the crystal with metal in resin. This resulted in the creation of Orgone energy, which in itself is sufficient for healing a variety of ailments.


However, when Orgone energy is combined with pyramids and used as Orgone pyramids, the power of such pyramids increases manifold. The Orgone pyramids possess the ability to convert negative energy into positive energy, besides balancing one’s physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. In other words, an Orgone pyramid acts as a filter for ridding the toxic energy from the body.


Using Orgone pyramids


Once you acquire an Orgone pyramid, there are steps you need to follow to get the maximum benefit out of it:

Step 1: Let the pyramid absorb sunlight for about half-an-hour by placing it under the sun. This will clear the pyramid. This can also be done by exposing it to healing sounds, such as sound bells, tuning forks, or even classical music.

Step 2: Now hold the pyramid close to your heart and, putting full focus on the crystal, connect with it. Make use of visualization to see the connection taking place between the pyramid and your heart.

Step 3: Once you feel the connection has been created, bring your intention to mind. The pyramid will help you in achieving it in the best possible manner.


The pyramid works, since the negative energy passing through it creates electromagnetic friction, due to the presence of metal shavings and crystals in resin. This friction reorganizes the Orgone energy into a more harmonious wavelength, as it emanates from the pyramid.


Benefits of Orgone pyramids

Counters EMF radiation: The electrical grids, satellite beaming down, cell towers and other sources of EMF are harmful for the body. An Orgone pyramid successfully neutralizes this radiation, thereby protecting you from its harmful effects.

Clears negative energy: Negative energy accumulating in the body manifests as ailments and diseases. An Orgone pyramid turns this negative energy into a positive one, thereby providing health and vitality.

Purifies the environment: The pyramid purifies your immediate environment by infusing positivity, thereby relieving you from stress, anxiety and depression.

Aids in sleep and lucid dreaming: The presence of Orgone pyramid in the bedroom is enough to put you not only into a sound slumber, but also bring on lucid dreaming.

Detoxifies water: The combination of pyramid and Orgone energy helps detoxify water. This not only makes it fit for drinking, but also ideal for plant growth.

Helps in spiritual growth: The positive energy provided by this pyramid, enhances the ability to concentrate, thereby supporting meditation. Such uninterrupted meditation helps in spiritual growth.


The long list of benefits makes Orgone pyramid an indispensable accessory for rejuvenation of body, mind and soul.

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