Obsidian – The All-Powerful Stone


Obsidian is one of the most visually delightful healing crystals. It derives its name from Obsius, a person in Ethiopia who is credited with discovering a stone resembling this crystal.


Since Obsidian is a natural form of volcanic glass, it provides a unique combination of colors and patterns. This beautiful stone possesses some amazing healing properties and is used extensively in crystal therapy.


Composition, colors and patterns


Obsidian is basically a combination of basalt, Rhyolite, Andesite and Trachyte. The crystal is available in an array of colors that include, golden, silver, reddish brown, mahogany, blue, smoky gray and black. It may come with a plain or patterned surface. Apache Tears is another exclusive form of this stone that occur as small nodules.


It is the patterns that give this crystal its uniqueness. The stone may sport mahogany-colored bands or display white snowflake-like specks or provide an iridescent glow in peacock or rainbow colors. It may even be seen with a lustrous sheen of gold, silver or blue, when viewed under varying lights.


Energy and power


Obsidian displays powerful qualities that quickly identify flaws, weaknesses and blockages. It is so omnipotent that nothing remains hidden, be they negative emotions or unpleasant truths. The effect of this stone is deep soul healing that alleviates destructive conditions.


This all-encompassing stone nurtures the soul and heals all painful past situations and helps to overcome any current traumatic situations. There are no halfway measures with this stone, it not only delves into the core of problems, but also provides permanent solutions to them.


This stone also acts as a shield against negativity and grounds the wearer to the earth through the base chakra. Highly sensitive people derive much solace from this stone.


Healing qualities


Obsidian displays some superlative healing properties that are common to all types:


● Wards off negative spiritual influences and blocks psychic attack.

● Clears the negative energies and eliminates energy blockages.

● Helps overcome mental stress and tension.

● Boosts confidence in exploring new horizons.

● Brings clarity to the mind and dissipates confusion.

● Removes mental distress by making one confront the truth.

● Expands consciousness and helps in tackling the unknown with ease and confidence.

● Helps in introspection to understand your true nature and make you more grounded.

● Provides insight into what ails you and shows the best way to deal with it.


Stone specific properties


Black Obsidian: Facilitates meditation and boosts intuition. Helps in letting go of negative thoughts and past grudges and shows the way to start afresh.


Blue Obsidian: Encourages deeper intuition and is indispensable in past life regression therapy.


Golden Obsidian: Helps in balancing the energy fields and provides mental equanimity.


Silver Obsidian: Instills patience and determination. Finds use in crystal gazing and astral projection.


Mahogany Obsidian: With its gentle energy that resonates with the earth, it stabilizes, grounds and protects. Also strengthens a weak aura.


Snowflake Obsidian: Provides peace and tranquility to the mind by bringing to fore the repressed negative thought patterns and emotions. On the physical level, wearing this stone gives a smooth skin and stronger bones.


There are many other types of Obsidian stones with a variety of other benefits.




Obsidian is an all-powerful stone that has been used since antiquity for its benefits. This stone is used in making jewelry pieces that not only look beautiful, but also heal and protect.

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