The Ancient Art Of Crystal Healing Therapy

All kinds of therapies abound for all kinds of ailments. But, crystal healing therapy is special. For one, this form of therapy is not of recent origin. People from ancient times have been using these miracle crystals and stones for countering negativity, as also for treating both mental and physical disorders.

Crystal therapy

Some experts have very rightly termed crystal therapy as a type of vibrational medicine. This is because crystals give off vibrations. When the crystal is applied to the ailing body part, these vibrations impart healing. Additionally, crystals also possess spiritual properties that help balance the chakras and the aura.

Crystals meant for healing can be used in various ways. They can either be kept in person, say in a pocket, or they can be worn as an ornament, such as a necklace pendant. Crystal healing therapy experts may also provide healing by placing such crystals over the chakra points of the body.

Even crystal elixir can be prepared by soaking healing crystals in water for a few hours. Such elixirs, when partaken, help in internal healing.

Crystals for every season

It is certainly surprising to find that some crystals are more effective in specific seasons. For example, Yellow Topaz and Citrine are good at absorbing the intense energy of the sun. They use this energy in healing and energizing, thereby uplifting moods and depressive thoughts

that may result from dark overcast days. Such stones have also been found effective in countering the symptoms of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Whereas Yellow Topaz and Citrine are ideal for winters, Pearls and Coral are more suited for the summer heat, as they are considered cooler stones. Emeralds and Turquoise are considered best for springtime, and Sapphires and Opals for autumn.

Enhancing crystal power

Although crystals possess their own power, this power gets magnified many times over by the type of metal they are set in. The most potent of these metals are both gold and silver.

Setting a crystal in silver enhances its properties and makes the healing process more effective.

Gold, on the other hand, has an opposite effect. It represses overpowering crystals, thus making it extremely beneficial to those who are sensitive to stone energies. Since gold lowers the vibrational pulse of the crystal, it is able to provide subtle healing energies that are less powerful, but as effective.

Crystals are living entities

Crystals have a life of their own. One of their greatest properties is they are excellent memory keepers. This they achieve by absorbing and retaining information. Among the crystals, red stones, comprising rubies, carnelians, garnets and the like, are the best record keeper crystals that are most capable of retaining any kind of information.

This is why such crystals are favored by those learning new subjects and skills. One only has to keep such memory enhancing crystals on person while studying to remain fully focused on the subject. These crystals are also effective in healing mental problems.


Finding healing crystals

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