Orgonite- Protection Against 5G


Orgonite comes from the concept of orgone. The idea of orgone was the brainchild of Wilhelm Reich who came up with it in the late 1930s. However, later developments on orgone were done by Wilhelm Kelley, a fellow student of Reich after he died. Orgone is a pseudoscientific concept that is it’s erroneously regarded or assumed to be scientific. Orgone is therefore an esoteric energy or hypothetical universal life force. It is thought to be a massless, omnipresent substance but more closely associated with living energy than with inert matter. Reich considered that deficits or constrictions of bodily orgone were the main reason behind a lot of diseases. Thus, he devised a machine which he claimed to be able to collect and store orgone energy from the environment and this reserved energy could later be used for the ailment of diseases. These devices are known as Orgonite. These devices are also referred to as Orgon Accumulators. These are typically six-sided boxes constructed of alternate layers of organic materials to attract the energy and metallic materials to radiate the energy to the central point of the boxes. In other words, they are a combination of crystal and metal in resin.


Reich claimed that orgone is similar to the energy of the sun. After further research and other experiments conducted by him, he announced that cancer cells would die if placed near Orgon. He also added that muscular tensions are a result of energy blocked by traumatic experiences. This stagnant energy was termed as Deadly Orgone Energy or DOR. According to Reich, Orgone was capable of clearing these energy blockages which were again associated with major illness including cancer.


Based on Reich’s research, one major accumulator of DOR is electromagnetic radiation. EMF or electromagnetic field which is generated from this radiation is present everywhere in our environment. Some of the human-made sources of electromagnetic fields include electric appliances and Radio Communication Devices. 5G or 5th generation mobile technology also uses EMF. Even though 5G is a result of highly evolved technology which will make the communication system better and faster, it uses higher frequency bandwidths across the radio frequency spectrum. Exposure to a low amount of EMF results in heating which can lead to a rise in temperature of exposed tissues leading to burns. Handheld mobile devices emit EMF at a much lower level however with the advent of 5G technology the exposure to radiofrequency EMFs is bound to increase at an exponential rate. In 2011, 30 international scientists who were part of the International Agency for Research on Cancer claimed that RF-EMFs might possibly be carcinogenic to humans even though WHO denied the adverse effects of this radiation. This controversy is yet to be resolved and experiments on this are still going on. However, the blossoming anxiety over the health risks of 5G still remains.


Orgonite is claimed to have EMF radiation protection properties which lead many people to believe that it can be utilized to get rid of negative orgone energy. However, most of the data supporting this claim is empirical and without any substantiate scientific research. Many people believe in orgonite’s ability to recycle the negative EMF energy that enters the human body and turn it into positive or good energy. Again, this has not been proved. But even if Orgonite is really able to convert the negative EMF energy to good energy, it won’t be able to completely block the EMF radiation from entering human bodies.

In a world where people are increasingly becoming interested in alternative and spiritual healing, orgonite plays an important role. With a lot of people selling orgonite products, these are easily available as well as accessible. However, certain other measures should be taken to reduce human exposure to electromagnetic radiation caused by radiofrequency waves.

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